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Auto Water/Oil Temperature of NTC Thermistor
2018/03/29 02:03:13

Auto Water/Oil Temperature of NTC Thermistor

Exsense ELectronicsTechnology co.,Ltd is a professional research and development, NTC thermistor NTC chip thermistor components, this a kind of measuring temperature electronic components. Measuring accuracy can reach 1%, the temperature range - 50-150 ℃, resistance: 1k-100kohms. Resistance performance can be customized according to customer requirements.

Sensor is an important part of automobile electronic control system with the development of science and technology. Automotive sensors used more widely, vehicle safety, comfort, economy and so on many of the aspects is inseparable from the sensor. To ensure the safety of the car moving. We want to be familiar with auto commonly used the working principle of the sensor structure. When they malfunction timely and accurate judgment, and then for automobile diagnosis and repair.

Automobile internal temperature sensor is a semi-conductor thermistor. The smaller the vice resistance installed in the engine cylinder or cylinder head water jacket, direct contact with cooling water.Which side of the engine cooling water temperature. According to the electronic control unit (ECU) changes measured engine cooling water temperature, the lower the temperature is, the greater the resistance; Whereas the less resistance. Electric control unit based on the change of engine cooling water temperature have been measured, as the fuel injection and ignition timing correction. Simple said is that we can now understand automobile engine water temperature of the temperature of the state, stop or sports, or how long does the movement, etc.

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