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NTC Thermstor Chip for DFB Laser
2018/03/29 01:03:40

NTC Thermstor Chip for DFB Laser

DFB (Distributed Feedback Laser) is distributed feedback lasers. The difference is built into the Bragg Grating, belongs to the launch of the semiconductor Laser profile.

The Junction temperature measurement of laser diode is very important in its temperature control and thermal characteristic study. Based on the study on the structure and thermal-electric equivalent circuit model of laser diode module(LDM), a mathematic model of the laser chip and thermistor in the LDM is Established the dynamic junction temperature can be monitored using the thermistor integrated in the LDM during thermal dynamic process. The model is validated with indirect temperature measurement through monitoring the emission wavelength of the laser diode using gas absorption lines.

We( Exsense company) had manufacture NTC thermistor chip and thermistor for 10 years. The products have very high accuracy and stability for control temperature. Especial it is our DT series items. It is bare chip type. It is gold and silver electrode surface. The size can be 0.3*0.3mm. And the accuracy can reach 0.3%, 1%.Special parameter can be customized designed.

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